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Orca’s Block 14 Gold Project Receives Stamp of Approval and Support from Sudan’s Minister of Mines and the Leaders of the Ababda People

On May 9, 2021, Sudan’s Minister of Mines, Dr Mohamed Bashir Abu Numo, attended a meeting in Khartoum with the leaders of the Ababda people, an ethnic group found in both Egypt and Sudan, including Abu Hamad, approximately 200km from Orca’s project. At the meeting, the Minister called on local communities to support mining companies investing in the country and highlighted that Orca’s Block 14 Gold Project in the River Nile State will significantly contribute to government revenue when it starts production.

The Ababda leaders assured the Minister of their readiness to fully support the government and companies, such as Orca, to carry out their work without any obstruction. In return, the leaders requested the government to increase infrastructure and services in their areas and called on all mining companies to carry out CSR projects and employ their people.

“Orca is not only in our lands but in our hearts!” the Ababda spokesman assured the attendees.

Dr Mohamed Bashir Abu Numo

Dr Mohamed Bashir Abu Numo, the Minister of Mines in Sudan Speaking at a Meeting with Ababda Leaders in Khartoum on May 9, 2021.

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