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Water Exploration

Work undertaken by GCS Water and Environmental Consultants of South Africa (GCS) during the course of the pre-feasibility study showed that the HA8 water resource had limited expansion potential.

As a result, SkyTEM Surveys of Denmark, an airborne geophysical contractor specialising in water exploration were contracted to fly a 5,000km electromagnetic survey with the aim of expanding the HA8 discovery and investigating a new area to the west of Block 14 (Area 5) where two old production wells are located.

The survey in Area 5 returned positive results over a large area and has now been followed up with drilling. The aquifer, which is hosted within the Nubian Sandstone Formation (NSF) has been intersected in 19 boreholes over an area of +135km2 between 58m and 90m from surface. 48-hour pump test results have shown consistent aquifer yields and GCS are comfortable that the aquifer is able to sustain the output required for a 6.0Mtpa process plant.

The aquifer remains open to the north and south providing ample potential for expansion.

Water Exploration

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